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Upskilling has become the latest buzzword. In today’s fast-paced world, developing new skills is essential to meet industry demands. According to a recent survey, upskilling fuels the desire for a career change, with 85% of respondents actively seeking new job opportunities.

Simplilearn’s 2024 State of Upskilling Consumer Survey highlighted notable shifts in learner attitudes from 2023. In 2024, around 65% of professionals favoured part-time or online certifications, a substantial rise from 51% the previous year. Meanwhile, the percentage of professionals choosing self-study slightly increased to 25% in 2024, up from 23% in 2023.

The inclination towards full-time college enrollment dropped significantly by 2% in 2024 from 7% in 2023.

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Some 97% of respondents believe upskilling is an important aspect of better career opportunities. A significant 65% of respondents are enrolled in online certification courses, emphasising the importance of flexible learning options. A staggering 45% of respondents felt upskilling helps to leverage opportunities in their companies or in desired fields.

Kashyap Dalal, co-founder and chief operating officer, Simplilearn, said: “In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of the IT industry, characterized by market deceleration and frequent disruptions, it is imperative for professionals to upskill for the future. A staggering 65% of respondents are engaged in online certification courses, with 97% affirming that upskilling will significantly augment their career prospects by 2024.” 

Further, these statistics underscore the criticality of upskilling, particularly in burgeoning fields such as data science, AI, and cybersecurity, which are poised to flourish in today’s digital economy, Dalal added.

Data science and business analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, programme and project management, cloud computing and DevOps, cyber security, product management, and software development emerged as the most sought-after skills among respondents, highlighting the demand for expertise in cutting-edge technologies.

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