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Eligible spouses and partners of General Employment Permit and Intra-Corporate Transferee Irish Employment Permit holders, who have applied for, and have been granted family reunification, in accordance with the Non-EEA Family Reunification Policy, will now be registered on a Stamp 1G permission, rather than a Stamp 3. This was announced by the Ministers for Justice and Enterprise, Trade and Employment and the amended Stamp 3 permission comes into effect from May 15, 2024.

A General Employment Permit can be issued for an initial period of 2 years and can then be renewed for up to a further three years. After 5 years, the applicant may apply to the Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) for long-term residency.

The Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit is designed to facilitate the transfer of senior management, key personnel or trainees who are non-EEA nationals from an overseas branch of a multinational corporation (Foreign Employer) to its Irish branch (Connected Person).

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Stamp 1G indicates you have finished your studies in Ireland and have permission to look for employment here under the Third Level Graduate Programme, subject to conditions.

Stamp 1G is granted for 12 months only, except for those who have completed a master’s degree programme, when a further 12 months can be provided subject to conditions.

Stamp 3 indicates permission to stay in Ireland for a specified period, subject to conditions. Stamp 3 is reckonable as residence when applying for citizenship by naturalisation. But, you cannot work or engage in any business, trade or profession.

Effectively, it means that the new rules will allow the holder to take up employment, without the need to obtain a separate Employment Permit, of their own. In addition to this announcement, spouses and partners of Critical Skills Employment Permit holders and Researchers on a Hosting Agreement currently on a Stamp 3 are also now eligible for a Stamp 1G.

In addition to this announcement, spouses and partners of Critical Skills Employment Permit holders and Researchers on a Hosting Agreement currently on a Stamp 3 are also now eligible for a Stamp 1G.

The application process for eligible spouses and partners who wish to join their family member in Ireland remains unchanged.

Eligible spouses and partners legally residing and holding a ‘Stamp 3’ permission

As an exceptional measure, eligible spouses and partners with a Stamp 3 endorsed on their current in-date Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card have had their permission to remain in the State varied to the same conditions as Stamp 1G.

Eligible spouses and partners do not need to make an application to the Registration Office where they reside in counties Dublin, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow or, their relevant An Garda local immigration office in the rest of the State to change their current permission from Stamp 3 to Stamp 1G, or acquire a new IRP.

A new Irish Residence Permit on Stamp 1G conditions will issue to eligible persons when they seek to renew their current Stamp 3 permission upon its expiry.

Eligible spouses and partners do not need to acquire a new IRP card to engage in employment. You can provide prospective employers the letter in conjunction with your current IRP card endorsed with a Stamp 3, which explains this temporary administrative arrangement.

Please note that this arrangement is valid during the transition period until May 15, 2025. After this date, eligible spouses and partners will have renewed their IRP cards to Stamp 1G.

Whom does this apply to?

If you currently reside in the State, to be eligible for this varying of permission, you must meet the following criteria on the May 15, 2024. You are:

A spouse or partner of General Employment Permit (GEP) or Intra-Corporate Transferee (ICT) permit holder;

A spouse or partner of a Critical Skills Employment Permit Holder (CSEP) or Researcher on a Hosting Agreement;

A spouse or partner of a Non-Consultant Hospital Doctor (NCHD) on a Multi-Site General Employment Permit;


Your spouse or partner previously held one of the above and is now on Stamp 4 permission

Your spouse or partner has been issued a Reactivation Employment Permit for a GEP, ICT or CSEP Employment Permit.


You have been granted permission to reside in Ireland under the Non-EEA Family Reunification Policy;

You are legally resident in the State on a valid Stamp 3;

You wish to engage in employment in Ireland;

You are a non-EU/EEA/UK/Swiss national.

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